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Group Void Project: July 20th 4:30-6pm


Join us for this unforgettable interactive group abstract art project, where journaling, manipulating art, and taking home a piece of the shared paper will create an experience that transcends traditional art workshops. Discover the power of artistic expression as a catalyst for personal growth and human connection in this extraordinary creative adventure.


As you leave the workshop, you'll carry with you not only a piece of abstract art but also a newfound connection to your creative spirit and a deeper understanding of yourself. The experience of journaling, manipulating art, and creating in a collaborative group setting will leave an indelible mark, inspiring you to embrace art as a medium for self-discovery and connection.


Join me our captivating interactive group abstract art project! In this uniquely immersive workshop, I'll invite you to embark on a transformative artistic journey that combines self-reflection, collaboration, and hands-on creativity.


  • All Supplies Included 
  • Finished Artwork To Take Home
  • 2-4pm
  • $30

Group Void Project: July 20th 4:30-6pm

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