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Advanced Painting 

Entering grades 7th-12th

July 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 (M-F) 


All supplies included.

Grace Elizabeth Studio - 113 N. Chestnut St. Assumption, IL 62510

**Please note that we will divide the classes between MS & HS if there is enough interest and camp times will be adjusted.



Welcome to Advanced Painting, where we dive deep into the world of painting to refine and elevate your skills in color blending and application. In this dynamic class, you will explore advanced techniques and concepts to unlock the full expressive potential of color in your artwork.


Advanced Painting Techniques is designed for students seeking to expand their proficiency in painting and explore new avenues of creative expression. Throughout this course, you will delve into the intricacies of color theory, learn advanced blending techniques, and master the art of applying paint with precision.


Key Learning Objectives:

Color Theory Mastery: Gain a deeper understanding of color theory and how it influences your painting practice. Explore the principles of hue, value, saturation, and temperature, and learn how to manipulate color to evoke mood, atmosphere, and emotion in your artwork.

Advanced Blending Techniques: Explore a variety of advanced blending techniques, including wet-on-wet, glazing, scumbling, and impasto. Learn how to seamlessly blend colors to create smooth transitions, vibrant gradients, and subtle nuances in your paintings.

Application Mastery: Develop precision and control in the application of paint, from delicate brushwork to bold, expressive strokes. Experiment with different brushes, tools, and painting surfaces to achieve the desired effects and textures in your artwork.

Composition and Concept Development: Explore advanced principles of composition and design to enhance the visual impact of your paintings. Learn how to effectively balance color, form, and space to create dynamic and harmonious compositions that captivate the viewer's attention.


This class is suitable for students eager to refine their skills in color blending and application.



Advanced Painting

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