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Grace Elizabeth Artwork

Grace Snively

Artist Statement 

My work is a reflection of the complexity and compositional challenges of establishing a timeline for our expectations. The expectations we place on ourselves, within the boundary of a timeline, is often rigid, narrow and unachievable. We navigate our timelines with the goals of creating a compositional layout that reflects boundaries, forms and structural flow. Reality often breaks our desired or hopeful viewing of life itself and blurs the rigid forms we’ve worked so hard to create.


While experiencing my work the viewer can search for forms, structure or a composition that embodies a wholeness but will be pulled away by the blurred forms, interrupted lines and push and pull of foreground and background.  My work is produced through a fast moving, intuitive process that requires the build up of forms and structures to only be deconstructed with lines, blurred edges and a layering color sequence that places a burden on the viewer to attempt distinguishing foreground and background. My work requires a lengthy process of quickly laying color and forms down and slowly meditating on linework and structural push and pull to disrupt the composition. 


My work gives the viewer permission to assemble and disassemble the structural boundaries of our everyday movements through life. Viewers can lock into a form that is established and bring it forward or backward as we do in life when we choose the parts of us that deserve prominence. Viewers can place their gaze on a form that is blurred and meditate on the significance behind the lack of permanence in any type of structural form. Viewers can also follow the mark making or lines placed through the composition to show the disruptions and chaos of life. Viewers have the opportunity to experience my work in direct correlation to the desired timeline they are creating for themselves at the moment. The viewer has the full ability to connect with the structure, blurred forms or lines throughout and allow themselves to embrace the parts of the piece they connect with the most inorder to truly see that all 3 are necessary.  


I hope my artwork allows the viewer to find integrity in their desired placement of form, structure and line.

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