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Portfolio Prep 

Juniors, Seniors and graduated seniors wanting assistance with portfolio prep. 

Mondays - June 10, 17, 24 and July 8, 15, 22



Grace Elizabeth Studio - 113 N. Chestnut St. Assumption, IL 62510


Class Description: Portfolio Preparation for College-Bound Artists


Are you a junior or senior with a passion for art and considering pursuing it in college? Join our weekly Portfolio Preparation class, specially designed to help you build a standout portfolio and showcase your unique artistic voice to art schools and universities.

Course Overview: Portfolio Preparation for College-Bound Artists is a comprehensive class aimed at guiding you through the process of creating a portfolio that reflects your artistic skills, interests, and aspirations. Whether you're interested in painting, drawing, sculpture, digital art, or any other medium, this class provides the support and resources you need to develop a portfolio that sets you apart from the competition.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Portfolio Development: Receive personalized guidance and feedback to develop a cohesive portfolio that showcases your artistic strengths and interests. From selecting and organizing your best artwork to creating new pieces that demonstrate your potential, you'll learn how to curate a portfolio that tells your unique story as an artist.

  • Artistic Exploration: Explore a variety of mediums, techniques, and subject matter to expand your artistic repertoire and develop your individual style. Experiment with new ideas, push your creative boundaries, and discover what sets your artwork apart from others.

  • Presentation Skills: Learn how to professionally present and document your artwork, including photographing, labeling, and organizing your portfolio for submission. Gain insight into the expectations of art schools and universities and how to effectively communicate your artistic vision and goals through your portfolio.


Who Should Attend: This class is ideal for high school juniors and seniors who are serious about pursuing art in college and want to strengthen their portfolio for admission to art schools and universities. Whether you're a dedicated artist looking to refine your portfolio or a student considering a career in the arts, this class will provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed.


Requirements: No prior experience is necessary, but a passion for art and a willingness to learn and grow as an artist are essential. 


Join us for an exciting and rewarding journey as you prepare to take the next step in your artistic journey. In Portfolio Preparation for College-Bound Artists, you'll receive the tools, guidance, and support you need to build a standout portfolio and pursue your dreams of studying art in college.

Portfolio Prep

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